Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Trevor feels like such a big boy.....Tanner's along for the ride......
Sweet little heads.....
Trevor and dad on Trevor's favorite ride....the Dragon Coaster
Grandpa Rory, Trevor, Grandma Vicki and Tanner after running in the water
Grandpa Rory and Tanner

This summer we went to Utah for our family vacation / reunion. We had so much fun! Trevor and Tanner absolutely loved Lagoon and never wanted to stop riding the rides!! They both did very well while driving also...which was so nice for mom and dad. We sure love our boys!!! We had lots of fun with Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Rory, playing games and riding all of the kids rides.......sooooo much fun!!! Trevor said something that was very funny.....Grandpa Rory and him were playing some games, trying to win prizes. Grandpa pulled out a $5 bill and said, "ok Trevor, this is my last $5....." and Trevor, peeking over into Grandpa's wallet said, "Well then what is that?" (Pointing the all of the other bills in Grandpa's wallet). Grandpa didn't know he'd seen all of the other bills that he didn't want to break/spend that day. It was so funny how he said it.....he's too smart for his age :)

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