Monday, September 29, 2008

Shumway Shindig!!!

Aunt Sharon and Aunt Becky
Grandpa Ren and Uncle Raimo
Tanner and Uncle Trevor
Landon with his creepy catch
Lissa, Anika, and Trevor
Erikk and Tanner
Grandpa Shumway,Jeriann,Annalee,Bridgette,and Uncle Phil

So we had our Shumway get together on Friday Sept. 26th. It was put together by Ren and Jeriann, and we had so much fun! We met at Usery Mountain Park, where they had reserved a spot. We ate chili and corn bread for dinner, and then planned on going on a scorpian hunt. We ended up not doing the scorpian hunt because there were way too many people. So, we went back to the sight to do our own hunt........well, when we got back, Landon came running up asking for a flash light.......we then found out that while Landon, Uncle Trevor, Erikk and Anton were hiding a havalina head in the desert to scare us, Landon literally stepped right next to a rattle snake!!!! He has no idea why it didn't bite him....he even bent down to look at it thinking it was something else(they didn't take a flashlight with them) they ran to Uncle Phil's truck because Landon knew he'd have something to kill it with, and returned with a golf club. :) Landon hit it once, injuring it, and then gave it one last good whack and killed it. They then brought it to the site to show everyone. They cut it's head off so that it would be more safe. I am so grateful that it didn't bite Landon, and that it didn't get anyone on the playground it was next to!!!! CRAZY!!! It was sure fun......looking forward to next months shindig, as Grandma Jer would say :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Savannah's Gall Bladder Removed!!!!

Fall Craft Becky brought me with our cute!!!!
Me with heat pad on my "blood clot"

So a couple of months ago, I got a really bad stomach ache.....bad!!!! It went away and I was fine..... So then a little over a month ago, I had a massive attack!! It woke me up out of a dead sleep, I had to roll out of bed, onto all 4's....I woke Landon up, not knowing what was going on. I have never felt pain like that! Labor didn't even hurt this bad!! I really should have gone to the emergency room, but the pain lasted a little over an hour and then went away. So, I called my Dr. and I went to the hospital and found out that I had Gall Stones!!!! I then scheduled for it to be removed on Sept. 11th 2008. The surgery went great. That whole day I was soooo out of it. They put me on Daladid (sp?) which completely knocked me out!!! I not only fell asleep on the phone numerous times with friends and family, but I literally fell asleep sitting up eating my "wonderful hospital Liquid Meal"! Mmmmm beef broth :) I also got to have my IV switched from my left arm to my right because my left arm swelled up so bad I couldn't bend my fingers, and it looked like it was going to split in half...wonderful image, I know. I only had to stay for the one night and then I got to go home. I was glad it was only 1 day, because even though it was only 1 day, I missed Landon, Trevor and Tanner soooo much!!!! So, once I was home I figured I'd be great----I could totally handle this, I've had 2 C-Sections!!! Holy Crap------this totally hurt worse!! I couldn't believe 4 days later, my puffed up arm, which had gone down almost all the way, was still hurting so I called my Dr. and explained the red mark on my arm and the pain in my arm and he had me go to his office. There, he told me I had a Blood Clot, but not to worry "you won't die, ha ha" NOT FUNNY!!! He thought it was though.....anyway, he said that the pain wouldn't hurt past my elbow, and I needed to take asprin, and use a heat pad and hold my arm above my heart everyday, for a week or so. So, I did, but then about a week later, my arm started going tingly and I started having lots of pain from my finger tips to my shoulder!!! Well-That's a little too close to my heart!!!!!!! So I called his after hour line, and he said I needed to go to the Emergency Room, the "blood Clot" was getting too big......I'm so grateful for Ren and Jeriann who watched Trev and Tanner so we could go to the ER......It was pretty late, but I knew if I didn't go I was going to die in my sleep!!..........So, they did an ultra sound on my arm, and found NO BLOOD CLOT!! What???? I was so relieved! What happened was my arm that had gotten all swollen at the hospital, that vein was all inflammed and pressing on my nerves......painful but I wouldn't die. So we left the ER relieved, but annoyed at the same time, because if my Dr. hadn't told me it was a blood clot, I would have just waited out the pain........Anyway, all is very good stomach is healed, and my arm isn't killing me anymore. :)

I am so grateful for Landon throughout this whole ordeal!!!!! He was absolutely MR. WONDERFUL!!! He took complete care of the boys, got me all of my meals, my pills, my heating pad and all!!! You would have thought I was completely helpless, but he wanted to make sure I healed and rested all I could. Trevor and Tanner were wonderful too, they knew mommy wasn't feeling well, and were good for dad.

Thank you to Jeriann, Tairi, Becky, and Amber for the wonderful meals!!! And for everything else you do!!! Thank you also, Becky for the Fall Craft.....Absolutely LOVE it!! We love you all so much!!

Trevor's 1st Day of Preschool (2nd year of Preschool)

I cannot believe my sweet little Trev is in preschool again!!! He did so well last year with Miss Kerry that we signed him up again since he didn't meet the age requirement for kindergarden. He loves school and looks forward to it every week. He's growing up so fast!!!! I wish I could just stop time......

Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodman Reunion 2008

Well, this reunion was quite a different one, to say the least. We drove up following Ren and Jeriann. Uncle Trevor rode with us, he had us laughing the whole time like usual :). We got there Thursday night and Ren wasn't feeling very well. Long story short, Jeriann and Trevor ended taking him to the emergency room in Show Low. He ended up staying there until Monday afternoon! He had pancreatitis and gall stones. They removed his gallbladder and he is doing very well now........Having Ren gone, and Jeriann gone most of the time, the reunion just wasn't the same. We truly missed them. They really are the glue that holds us all together, and makes everything happen. We're looking forward to next years reunion now, WITH Ren and Jeriann, and with EVERYONE ELSE.

Despite the fact that they were both gone, we did have many people there with us that we love very much! (John, Tairi and family, Craig, Bethany, and Eden, The Hansens, Phil, Annalee Shumway and family, Chuck and Barbara, and Uncle Trevor) Although we didn't see much of everyone because we were all huddled in our own trailers due to the rain, when we were all together, it was a blast! Raimo had some fun fire works and "bombs", which are always fun :) Craig and Bethany brought some too :) Becky helped us have our "Mexican Fiesta" on Sunday...Thanks Becky for helping with that! Max, Jaxson, and Trevor played very well together! They almost never fought, which we were so happy about. We just love those boys!!!! John and Tairi, and Craig and Bethany were Hilarious!!! We all laughed soooo much and had a really good time. I'm so happy we're able to have all of these wonderful memories with all of these wonderful people!

We all left on different days, but we all returned in safety, which I am very grateful for. I'm thankful for this reunion......can't wait until next year!

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