Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodman Reunion 2008

Well, this reunion was quite a different one, to say the least. We drove up following Ren and Jeriann. Uncle Trevor rode with us, he had us laughing the whole time like usual :). We got there Thursday night and Ren wasn't feeling very well. Long story short, Jeriann and Trevor ended taking him to the emergency room in Show Low. He ended up staying there until Monday afternoon! He had pancreatitis and gall stones. They removed his gallbladder and he is doing very well now........Having Ren gone, and Jeriann gone most of the time, the reunion just wasn't the same. We truly missed them. They really are the glue that holds us all together, and makes everything happen. We're looking forward to next years reunion now, WITH Ren and Jeriann, and with EVERYONE ELSE.

Despite the fact that they were both gone, we did have many people there with us that we love very much! (John, Tairi and family, Craig, Bethany, and Eden, The Hansens, Phil, Annalee Shumway and family, Chuck and Barbara, and Uncle Trevor) Although we didn't see much of everyone because we were all huddled in our own trailers due to the rain, when we were all together, it was a blast! Raimo had some fun fire works and "bombs", which are always fun :) Craig and Bethany brought some too :) Becky helped us have our "Mexican Fiesta" on Sunday...Thanks Becky for helping with that! Max, Jaxson, and Trevor played very well together! They almost never fought, which we were so happy about. We just love those boys!!!! John and Tairi, and Craig and Bethany were Hilarious!!! We all laughed soooo much and had a really good time. I'm so happy we're able to have all of these wonderful memories with all of these wonderful people!

We all left on different days, but we all returned in safety, which I am very grateful for. I'm thankful for this reunion......can't wait until next year!


Jeriann said...

Love the blog! And I love all of you! Life is good! Yippee!

Airan said...

Yeah! You got your blog going! I'm so proud! And it looks so cute!

Bethany said...

we had so much fun with you guys! Your little men are so cute!

Tairi said...

Love the pic with the boys holding hands! We had fun with you always. I am glad our kids are such good friends!

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