Monday, September 29, 2008

Shumway Shindig!!!

Aunt Sharon and Aunt Becky
Grandpa Ren and Uncle Raimo
Tanner and Uncle Trevor
Landon with his creepy catch
Lissa, Anika, and Trevor
Erikk and Tanner
Grandpa Shumway,Jeriann,Annalee,Bridgette,and Uncle Phil

So we had our Shumway get together on Friday Sept. 26th. It was put together by Ren and Jeriann, and we had so much fun! We met at Usery Mountain Park, where they had reserved a spot. We ate chili and corn bread for dinner, and then planned on going on a scorpian hunt. We ended up not doing the scorpian hunt because there were way too many people. So, we went back to the sight to do our own hunt........well, when we got back, Landon came running up asking for a flash light.......we then found out that while Landon, Uncle Trevor, Erikk and Anton were hiding a havalina head in the desert to scare us, Landon literally stepped right next to a rattle snake!!!! He has no idea why it didn't bite him....he even bent down to look at it thinking it was something else(they didn't take a flashlight with them) they ran to Uncle Phil's truck because Landon knew he'd have something to kill it with, and returned with a golf club. :) Landon hit it once, injuring it, and then gave it one last good whack and killed it. They then brought it to the site to show everyone. They cut it's head off so that it would be more safe. I am so grateful that it didn't bite Landon, and that it didn't get anyone on the playground it was next to!!!! CRAZY!!! It was sure fun......looking forward to next months shindig, as Grandma Jer would say :)

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