Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nie Recovery

I have come across this link/blog quite a few times.....I don't actually know this family, but their story touched me. Christian and Stephanie Neilson were in a plane crash on Aug. 16th 2008. Christians instructor, who was flying with them that day, passed away...Christian received burns to 35% of his body, and his wife Stephanie received burns to 83% of her body. They have 4 young children. Many people have donated to help this family, and I believe there is a marathon to raise more money coming up. I hope that by having this link on one more blog, many more people will be informed of this incident, and have a chance to help and serve and that maybe it can help this family in their time of need. They will be in our prayers, and I hope that those sweet little kids will be able to have both of their parents home with them soon. There is a link to get updates, and a link to donate to this family, here on my blog.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, so I've never been tagged before....but since Becky tagged me, here we go...

7 random facts about myself:

1. I LOVE being a mom! My boys constantly make me laugh and cry (usually happy tears). They are absolutely soooo much fun!! They're the BEST!

2. If I could do anything over, I would have gone to Nursing School when Landon and I were first married, instead of just working.....I definately am so happy that I am blessed enough to get to stay home with my boys, but when they are grown, or if I ever had to work, that is what I would absolutely LOVE to do!

3. I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! This gospel is such a blessing in my life. It brings me such comfort to know that I am sealed to my wonderful family. I'm thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me so much! I have a testimony of this gospel....I'm greatful for the blessings it brings every single day of my life....

4. I probably watch wayyyyyyy too much TV. I have so many favorite shows, its rediculous. Quite often I find myself barely awake, watching one of our shows at 2 AM, thinking to myself.."You really should go to bed because you're going to be Soooo tired when the boys wake up"! And....You know you watch too much when you have a DVR that holds up to 100 hours and you're having to delete shows you haven't watched yet, inorder to save the ones you really want to watch...pathetic, I know......but Trevor does tend to record his morning cartoons also, which does take up some of the space too, :) AND Landon....he has a few himself, and that we watch together..... :)........excuses, excuses......I know.

5. I love to sing! I haven't done it for anything in a really long time, but still love it. I am really happy when I get to drive somewhere, by myself, because I can turn up the music really loud and just belt it :) I love it because Trevor is starting to sing all the's just adorable, and then Tanner squints his eyes and opens and closes his mouth whenever we're singing, thinking that he's doing it too :) It's funny....

6. One of my most favorite places to go is Disneyland and California Adventure! I absolutely love it there! I've had so many fun vacations with family and friends there, and hope to have many more vacations and memories there in the years to come!!!!

7. And last but not least.......ALL of my friends know what a germ-a-phobe I am :) I know....I have hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE!!! I can't help it though....if I know Trevor, or Tanner are going to be eating, or anything, I have to know that their hands are clean....and I'm sorry, but when we're camping, I just can't completely let loose.....I am getting better about not freaking out when there is dirt on their hands, but Landon and I still make the boys take their shoes off before getting in the trailer or coming inside the house. Call it weird, but we like our stuff to stay looking as new as possible......AND...Becky always makes fun of me when we go to the bathroom in public places--like at Disneyland--because I always take wayyyy longer than her, but seriously....I canNOT go to the bathroom and sit on a toilet without a seat cover or atleast toilet paper covering the seat before I go!!!! Have you ever seen or HEARD what goes on in those bathrooms???-----or seen what gets left on the toilet seats???!!!!! I'm sorry but it is sooooo gross!!! And you know that the people that have to clean those toilets do as little as they possibly can to make them look "clean and sanitized" . Just Gross!!

OK, now that you know a little more about me...I'm going to tag Jeriann, Amanda, (I would tag Tairi and Becky but they just got tagged) :) Airan Scott, and Erica Sanchez!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got Tonsils?

Not anymore!!!, I thought I had had some pretty uncomfortable surgeries....2 C-Sections, and my gall bladder being removed, but SERIOUSLY, I was soooooo wrong! On November 6th, I had my tonsils removed. I was always getting Strep Throat and sharing it with my family, the nice person that I am :) , so my Dr. got the bright idea to yank 'em. NOT a good idea by the way, atleast not yet-maybe in a few months when I have completely forgotten about the pain, and I'm not getting sick all of the time, but, we'll see.

November 6th started for me at 6AM. I got up, and got ready for the exciting event....Trevor had stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so I only had to get myself and Tanner ready. So, Landon, me and Tanner loaded up in the truck, and drove to the surgery center...I was seriously so nervous! They took me back, got my IV going and all, and then walked me to "The Room". They had me lay down on this skinny little table, so of coarse my first thought is, "OK, seriously???? what the heck are they going to do when I fall off this whimpy, skinny little thing???? But those thoughts were blocked out quickly when I remembered why I was even on that table.....So, I'm laying there, and I know the anesthesiologist knew I was really nervous because he put the oxygen mask on me and immediately lied telling me it was "Only Oxygen" to help with my breathing......I started getting nervous and teary eyed for some reason, and within seconds the room got all funny, and I realized it wasn't "just" oxygen.....and then, lights out! The next thing I know, I'm waking up, Crying!?!? So the nurse went to get Landon, and immediately he doesn't know what to say, bless his heart....I think I made him nervous by crying the way I was, which makes him not know what to say at times like that....but, I actually didn't even know why I was crying-which was a new one for me. The nurse says it was because of the "sleepy meds" and how nervous I was to begin with. So, anyway, LONG STORY short, I was absolutely Miserable, Flat on my back for almost 2 whole weeks! I couldn't eat FOOD, I did "get" to enjoy a few personal jello's :) , and drank a few mugs of chicken boujon-which actually really did help,---both were very exciting, as you can imagine :) I drank a ton of water hoping to not have to get my throat re-cauterized (sp?), even setting my alarm throughout the night....spent a few hours at the emergency room for a steroid shot for my tongue that swelled up so bad you couldn't understand a single word coming out of my mouth....had to call mine and Landon's parents for an emergency help one night, which turned out to be more than one night, because the only one who could take care of me, which by the way, my husband did an amazing job throughout it all, the poor guy got soooooo sick, puking his guts out, he couldn't even stand himself, let alone take care of me....did I mention the pain meds continually waring off,not even touching the excruciating ear pain.....I mean seriously.....who wouldn't want to do this????
ME!!!!! I can honestly say...I would NEVER do this again!!!! The ONLY positive thing to come of it so far is that I lost 12 lbs!! :) Was it worth atleast that?? Not really.

Thank you Landon for taking such good care of me. Waking up all through the night to medicate me, completely taking care of the boys-day and'll never know how much I appreciate you and all you did, and do for me ;) I love you!

Also, Thank you so much Mom and Dad,and Ren and Jeriann, for taking care of our sweet little boys!! I don't know what we would have done without you guys! Thank you also to Rawn and Amanda and ALL of my wonderful friends who checked up on me, and even the wonderful ones who didn't ;-) I love you all and appreciate all that you do for us!!! AND I am soooo thankful that it's over with!!!! *****For a bonus to this post, I have some "wonderful snapshots" of before and after the surgery for your veiwing pleasure, which I will add hopefully tomorrow once I get them onto the computer :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Trevor playing "pin the nose on the pumpkin" at Ren and Jer's ward Trunk-or-Treat. So Fun!!!
Tanner throwing bean bags through the pumpkin :) at R & J's ward Trunk-or-Treat, I wish I would have gotten more pics with grandma and grandpa here....Jer-did you happen to take any pics?

Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Rory, Trevor, Cooper and Tanner after Trick-or-Treating

Landon pushing Trevor at the block Halloween Party....Trev had fun jumping in the bouncer they had, also :) Tanner loved the cotton candy....yum!

My sister in law Amanda and my nephew Cooper

Landon, Me, Tanner and Trevor, Halloween night....Trevor had already taken his costume off....little stinker should have waited for pictures!!

Cousin Cooper, Trevor and cute! Trevor says that he and Tanner were both bitten by the same spider, so that is why they were both Spider Man this year :)

Me, Cooper the Giraffe, and Trevor

Trevor and his best bud, Bryce, at their Halloween Party at Preschool

Trevor and Tanner after making their Halloween Buckets
Trevor and Tanner sure had a lot of fun for Halloween this year!!! Thank you to all who invited us to your fun Halloween activities.....the boys had so much fun.....Landon and I did, too. :)

Tanner's 2nd Hospital Stay

Grandpa Ren, Tanner, Grandma Jer, Landon and Trevor
Mom-VERY tired.....going on about 3 hours of sleep in almost 2 days!...and Tanner

Tanner....looking very happy, but believe me, the hospital was nothing like this picture shows! Poor thing cried most of the stay-literally, not to mention he threw up repeatedly......he looks like he lost a little bit of weight in this picture too, :( (especially in the "neck meat")

Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Rory with Tanner

Tanner in the ER the night we got to the hospital. Poor little guy had just gotten his IV in, and his 1st of 4 cathiders. We both squeezed on this bed, but it was absolutely impossible to get any sleep.....

So, it all started on Monday October 20th. We sat down to eat dinner, and within 5 minutes, Tanner had thrown up all over the table. So, I took him to give him a bath, and he threw up again, all over me! So, we got in the shower together, and for about 30 minutes, I just held him,one minute he'd be throwing up and the next he'd fall asleep. That continued throughout the night.....I have no idea where it all came from because he wasn't drinking at all...whenever he did, he couldn't keep it down. So anyway, Tuesday I called our friend Dave who is a Dr. and he recommended I take him to the emergency room because now he was throwing up and had diarhea, and hadn't had a "wet" diaper in over 24 hours. So, I took him, they hooked him up to an IV for about 4 hours, gave him some antibiotics for an ear infection, and sent him home. He slept pretty good that night, woke up and only had I thought the IV had reset his body like they thought....but then about 5 pm Wed. it started up again! Thursday, we took him to see his pediatrician, who gave him a shot of something to stop the nausea....meanwhile, I am starting to feel really sick! WONDERFUL!!! So, we went home, Tanner slept for about 5 hours because of the shot they gave him...and seemed to be doing better. He ate his 1st bottle of formula since Monday, and kept it down! I thought we were making progress....but again, it all started up again. So....Landon and Trevor went to the Fair Friday, and Tanner and I stayed home. Around 9 pm Tanner started throwing up so bad, and violently, that I called Landon and said that we needed to take Tanner to the Emergency Room like his Dr. told us to. So, when they got home, Landon took me and Tanner to the ER and dropped us off, no use in dragging Trev along, so he dropped us off and then took Trevor home so he could get some sleep.....Longer story short.....They got him in really fast, got his IV in, found through a cathider sample that he had a Bladder Infection---sooooo sad watching him go through that!!!! I cried right along with him! We were up ALL night long, and finally got in our room about 6:30 Sat. morning. The pediatrician let us know that he had the ROTA VIRUS, and he would need to be on an IV for up to 5 days! He was on an IV the entire time we were there, thankfully only for 3 days! for dehydration, antibiotics and anti-nausea meds. He did really well not to pull on his IV thankfully! They also had to perform a VCUG, a proceedure where they shoot dye into the bladder through a cathider to see if his urine was traveling backward into his kidneys, causing the UTI. Which by the way....this procedure was SOOOO traumatic for him....poor thing! They put his cathider in, the nurse didn't tape it right so the nurse on the "xray" floor had to reinsert it, couldn't get it in......only after 20 miserable minutes, 2 new cathiders, one filling with blood.....the nurse finally got someone else to get it in!!!! I was so sad...I asked if they could put him out or something to help, but they couldn't.....broke my heart! So finally, the procedure was over, everything looked ok, thankfully, and the Pediatrician gave the ok for him to go home!!!! So, Monday afternoon, Landon and Trevor were able to come and get us. I am so glad that that experience is over.......
Thank you to Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Rory, Grandma Jer and Grandpa Ren for the visits!!!! You have no idea how much that meant to us! Tanner was soooo excited to see you all! Thank you again Ren, for lunch, also.... :) We love you all sooo much!!!

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