Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got Tonsils?

Not anymore!!!, I thought I had had some pretty uncomfortable surgeries....2 C-Sections, and my gall bladder being removed, but SERIOUSLY, I was soooooo wrong! On November 6th, I had my tonsils removed. I was always getting Strep Throat and sharing it with my family, the nice person that I am :) , so my Dr. got the bright idea to yank 'em. NOT a good idea by the way, atleast not yet-maybe in a few months when I have completely forgotten about the pain, and I'm not getting sick all of the time, but, we'll see.

November 6th started for me at 6AM. I got up, and got ready for the exciting event....Trevor had stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so I only had to get myself and Tanner ready. So, Landon, me and Tanner loaded up in the truck, and drove to the surgery center...I was seriously so nervous! They took me back, got my IV going and all, and then walked me to "The Room". They had me lay down on this skinny little table, so of coarse my first thought is, "OK, seriously???? what the heck are they going to do when I fall off this whimpy, skinny little thing???? But those thoughts were blocked out quickly when I remembered why I was even on that table.....So, I'm laying there, and I know the anesthesiologist knew I was really nervous because he put the oxygen mask on me and immediately lied telling me it was "Only Oxygen" to help with my breathing......I started getting nervous and teary eyed for some reason, and within seconds the room got all funny, and I realized it wasn't "just" oxygen.....and then, lights out! The next thing I know, I'm waking up, Crying!?!? So the nurse went to get Landon, and immediately he doesn't know what to say, bless his heart....I think I made him nervous by crying the way I was, which makes him not know what to say at times like that....but, I actually didn't even know why I was crying-which was a new one for me. The nurse says it was because of the "sleepy meds" and how nervous I was to begin with. So, anyway, LONG STORY short, I was absolutely Miserable, Flat on my back for almost 2 whole weeks! I couldn't eat FOOD, I did "get" to enjoy a few personal jello's :) , and drank a few mugs of chicken boujon-which actually really did help,---both were very exciting, as you can imagine :) I drank a ton of water hoping to not have to get my throat re-cauterized (sp?), even setting my alarm throughout the night....spent a few hours at the emergency room for a steroid shot for my tongue that swelled up so bad you couldn't understand a single word coming out of my mouth....had to call mine and Landon's parents for an emergency help one night, which turned out to be more than one night, because the only one who could take care of me, which by the way, my husband did an amazing job throughout it all, the poor guy got soooooo sick, puking his guts out, he couldn't even stand himself, let alone take care of me....did I mention the pain meds continually waring off,not even touching the excruciating ear pain.....I mean seriously.....who wouldn't want to do this????
ME!!!!! I can honestly say...I would NEVER do this again!!!! The ONLY positive thing to come of it so far is that I lost 12 lbs!! :) Was it worth atleast that?? Not really.

Thank you Landon for taking such good care of me. Waking up all through the night to medicate me, completely taking care of the boys-day and'll never know how much I appreciate you and all you did, and do for me ;) I love you!

Also, Thank you so much Mom and Dad,and Ren and Jeriann, for taking care of our sweet little boys!! I don't know what we would have done without you guys! Thank you also to Rawn and Amanda and ALL of my wonderful friends who checked up on me, and even the wonderful ones who didn't ;-) I love you all and appreciate all that you do for us!!! AND I am soooo thankful that it's over with!!!! *****For a bonus to this post, I have some "wonderful snapshots" of before and after the surgery for your veiwing pleasure, which I will add hopefully tomorrow once I get them onto the computer :)


Airan said...

Holy Cow! You poor thing! I had hear getting your tonsils removed as an adult was a not so exciting event, but YIKES! When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I was so nervous to be put under! I had never been put under and so I told the Dr. to just lie to me when they did it. I had NO idea what was going on when everything started to get funny and then.. lights out! I woke up freaked too! I'm glad to hear things are going a little better for you and hope that they continue to get better! Let me know if you need anything!

Jeriann said...

I am so relieved you are doing better. I will say that blogging is pretty clear evidence of that. :)
We love you dearly and we likewise love those you love. We are so proud of a son who is so capable and willing to take care of his family. He must get that from his good ole Grandpa Shumway!

Carl and Amber said...

That stinks! I am so sorry for all your probs!! I hope that this is the end of it! I feel your pain...well the pain of having to constantly see doctors...if I had one wish right now, it would be that I would never have to see another doctor. Too bad my hubby is in medical school:)

Heather and Brad said...

I'm glad that's all over with. It sounds awful!

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I'm so glad I have your blog address now!

Hope everyone is feeling good now!

Sarah said...

ouch! Well, at least you did loose 12 lbs out of it, that's one bright point =] Maybe that's what I need to do. Good to hear you're doing better, and sorry to hear you had to go through it!

Bethany said...

12 pounds? Where do I sign up!! GLad you're feeling better :)

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