Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nie Recovery

I have come across this link/blog quite a few times.....I don't actually know this family, but their story touched me. Christian and Stephanie Neilson were in a plane crash on Aug. 16th 2008. Christians instructor, who was flying with them that day, passed away...Christian received burns to 35% of his body, and his wife Stephanie received burns to 83% of her body. They have 4 young children. Many people have donated to help this family, and I believe there is a marathon to raise more money coming up. I hope that by having this link on one more blog, many more people will be informed of this incident, and have a chance to help and serve and that maybe it can help this family in their time of need. They will be in our prayers, and I hope that those sweet little kids will be able to have both of their parents home with them soon. There is a link to get updates, and a link to donate to this family, here on my blog.

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Erica said...

I know , I see that too...It is so sad...but I know there are many people who help with the cause..and this is great...

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