Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My BRIGHT idea...

So, this year I found an "event" online just right up the street at Riverview (the 202 and Dobson) that had Santa, a Horse drawn carriage ride, Carolers, and SNOW!!! Real SNOW!! And the best part, it was all free!! I just knew that we would have soooo much fun, the boys would totally love it!!! So, our family, Ren and Jeriann, and Rawn, Amanda and Cooper all were able to go!!! It was from 5-8 pm and I wanted to get there in plenty of time to make sure we got to do all of the activities. Needless to say, we ran a little later than I would have didn't research it very well, and we had to drive around for a little while to find the Theatre District...thanks Rawn for leading us to it!.....So, we park and start walking to the Big Event, thinking it would be really busy, really big.....and as soon as we all turned the corner we just started laughing!!!! There were hardly any people there, the "snow park" was probably only 10 Feet in diameter, and the horse drawn carriage took you around the back of the building, through a dark parking lot!! HAHAHA!!! We seriously were laughing so much! It ended up being really fun though, thanks to the company and all of the laughs :) I don't think anyone will jump up really quick to attend anything I plan next year though.... ;)

Setting up the Christmas Tree...

This year Trevor and Tanner had a lot of fun decorating the Christmas tree.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Jeriann's Hot Chocolate....

Hey everybody!!! I just wanted to let you all know that my mother-in-law, Jeriann, is selling her wonderful Hot Chocolate this year for gifts, or just to enjoy for yourself : ) Her blog page for the Hot Chocolate is . All of the prices are on her blog. She can customize what you want said on it, and she makes the jars VERY CUTE!!! Check it out, it'd be a great gift for anyone and EVERYONE!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Grandpa Rory,Grandma Vicki, Trevor and Tanner
Me and My Boys
My dad and grandpa...and the gang!! I love them all
My wonderful Grandma :)
Rawn, Amanda and Cooper

Landon and Jared after the Turkey Trot, earlier that day.

The kids with "The Turkey"

The "fam"

We had a really good Thanksgiving Day this year! It started out at the Turkey Trot...which was so much fun! Landon ran it with his cousin, Jared, and they both did so good! Jared's wife Heidi and I walked over to the park with the kids, to watch the guys cross the finish line :) I know this is going to sound kind of pathetic (I'm such a boob)...but, I was so proud of Landon when I saw him come over the hill, just before the finish line, I seriously almost got teary eyed.....I was so proud of him. Anyway, he had a really good time, and I'm hoping to get myself year we'd like to run it together!

Then, we went home to get Landon cleaned up and went out to my brother Rawn and sister-in-law Amanda's house. We had a really good time with everyone! We played poor mans golf--which is sooo fun with all of them, and we all ate way too much---but it was sooo good!! Amanda made the turkey and everything----she did sooooooo good! I've actually never made a turkey....I'd probably ruin it, but she did AMAZING! She made a wonderful pumpkin pie, also, and my mom made a delicious spice cake! YUM! I'm so thankful to have my family so close...that we can spend holidays together. I love my family very much.

Then that night we went to the Hansen's (Landon's Aunt and Uncle's) to plan for Black Friday! We had a good time visiting with all of them...and stayed sooo late! We left at midnight, and I had to be up at 4AM to get to Walmart by 5AM!!! By the time we got home and got the boys to bed, it was about 1AM! That is sooo NOT enough sleep, but---I got up and made it to Walmart right at 5!! I met Jeriann and Becky there....there were times I think Jeriann and I almost fell asleep standing in the isles...but we hung in there. I seriously had so much fun with them.....we always laugh a bunch--somtimes until it hurts....they make me feel so welcome and loved :)

Although I had 2 very fun days with family and friends, throughout both days, my thoughts frequently went to a wonderful family...The Conways. I believe about 2 months ago, this family learned that Shelley, the mother, had cancer. Despite many things doctors tried to prolong her life here on earth, she passed away Wednesday night around 6:15. Although I only new their oldest daughter Britney a little bit, and visited with Mike and Shelley a few times at different events (including mine and Landon's wedding reception) it has really affected me...they are always in my thoughts and prayers. They have 8 children, one who is on a mission, with the youngest only 8 years old. Michael wrote the sweetest comments about his Eternal Companion on their blog....I wish so bad that there was something I could do for this family.

I am soooo grateful for the blessing of an Eternal Family. I love my family more than words can ever express, and to know that I will be with them throughout Eternity brings me such peace and happiness. I hope that the Conways have been and will be comforted with that knowledge, and know that they will be with her again one day.

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