Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We're having BOY #3!!!! It sure is going to be crazy! I'm in a house full of BOYS!! I love them so much and can't wait to see and hold this sweet little baby boy :)

My appointment went really well........Dr. Dowswell said that the baby was measuring a little big! (not a surprise considering Trevor was 9 lbs. 12 oz. and Tanner was 8 lbs. 4 oz.---and he was a couple weeks early!) We're all excited to have this addition in our home! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Costumes :)

Trevor as Batman :) ......little stud!
Tanner as our little garden gnome! Hahaha-we thought this would be so hilarious!!!
The boys should have fun this year :) We're looking forward to all of the holidays to come :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our WONDERFUL NEWS and our Summer 2009

Wonderful News #1: We're expecting #3!!!! Everyone has their bet on a girl this time....we'll see?? :)

Wonderful News #2: To make a REALLY long story short, Tanners Allergist had it in their computer that he has something called EE (Eocinifilicesophigitis). So, all the foods that he was tested positive with an allergy to was a HUGE deal.......but, finding out a YEAR later that he doesn't have EE, all his "allergies" weren't such a big deal!!! So, he is now eating and drinking milk, egg, chicken, etc.!!!!! We couldn't be happier! He's doing really well, he's starting to eat more, which was really hard at first being used to drinking everything....but he's getting there! We actually ENJOY food again!!! YAY!!!! This is such a huge blessing, and an answer to my prayers. My heart truly goes out to all those mothers who don't get such wonderful news....having a child with allergies like that is soooooo difficult because food is such a huge part of everyday.....breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner.......I truly thank my Heavenly Father for this.

These are just 2 of the wonderful things this summer so far :) We've also had quite a few other fun things going on in no particular order.....

**Trevor at a Cars drawing :) He got picked out of our group and picked 5 new cars Grandpa Rory needed :) He had fun doing this, and it was fun watching him :)

**Landon helped build a chicken coupe at his parents house......He and Ren literally spent from about 7AM until 9 that night, and got almost completely done, but after 112 degree weather all day, they were DONE! The boys played in the sprinkler on the trampoline and had a ton of fun, Grandma Jer helped the guys and got to play with us a little too :) I need to get some pictures from Jeriann, It turned out soooooo nice!!!! (and that's even before it was painted and the roof was completed.....I can't wait to see that!)

**Trevor had sleepovers at both sets of grandparents. He LOVES sleeping over! He won't really sleep over at anyone elses house, but grandma's and grandpa's is "ok". They played War, his new favorite game, told stories, and had tons of fun! I love that he loves our parents soooo much!

**Trevor had his 1st 2 cavities filled!!!! Ya-cavities! I couldn't believe he had them! We brush his teeth 2X a day!!! I've probably only missed brushing his teeth before bed litterally 3 times his whole life----if that!! I can't go to sleep if I know I didn't brush his teeth....I know that sounds a little weird, but it's true. So, we were suprized to find out he had them, but he did so good! After he got his shots, he had to ask the nurse if they gave him his shots yet.....the sleepy meds worked great :)

**We celebrated Tanner's 2nd Birthday in May. He had such a fun time at Peter Piper Pizza!! I can't believe he's 2 already!!! He's such a special, sweet and loving little boy. I'm so grateful he's in our family!!!
**We had some swimming days at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The boys LOVE swimming!
**Landon and I went to parent orientation at his school, and met the principal and all. We are so excited for him to start school, he's gonna love it!! :)
**We also have another addition to the Keeling family....we bought a quad this last week. :) We're really excited because the boys are going to LOVE riding it at the Goodman Reunion---which we can't wait for!!! We're soooo looking forward to camping, and having fun!! And we're all excited to spend it with Grandpa Ren this year, after he missed it last year due to a gall bladder removal!! NO midnight drive into town on our 1st night camping this year grandpa!!!
We've had a pretty good, relaxing summer :) Not too much going on, just spending time with the fam and loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy OLD BAT!!!!

2 Days ago I was stopped at a red light waiting to make a left hand turn. I was talking to little Trev and all of a sudden the truck jerked forward???? For a minute I thought I let my foot off the break, and then I looked in my side mirror and realized the car behind me hit me! The old lady was behind me and decided to get out of the right left turning lane and get into the left left turning lane. I got out and walked over to her and said "You just hit me" and I motioned for her to pull over once we went through the light. She seemed clueless and confused!! Anyway, she pulled in, and I had called Landon and he said to go ahead and call the cops----I've never been in any kind of accident so I had no clue what to do???? So, I did. While we were waiting, it was really hot outside, and I felt bad for the "sweet little old lady". I even apologized to her for her having to wait outside for the cop to get there!!!! I APOLOGIZED TO HER!!! She HIT ME!! And NOT ONCE did she apologize to me!!!! The lady kept saying "there isn't hardly any damage to your fender"....which there wasn't a whole lot, but the crome was scratched because of her neglagence. SOOOOOOO, to make a long story short......the cop got there and the little old lady kept trying to get out of it......but admitted she bumped into me. We exchanged insurance info and after she annoyed the cop to NO end, we went our seperate ways. The next day Landon got a call from our insurance agent saying that this CRAZY-CONIVING OLD BAT said I hit her!!!!!!! Are you kidding!!!!! If I hit her, I would admit it!! I couldn't believe her!!!! Thankfully, both insurance companies saw through her....her giving our insurance company a false name being one red flag...Soooooo, we'll get the money to fix it and she gets NOTHING!! HAHAHA!!!!!

The final conclusion is......

Well, we had Tanner's follow up appt. with his pediatrician and he says that it was actually a virus that caused the really high fevers and the rash......Crazy! It's nice to know he's not allergic to all those antibiotics, though! He told us Tanner would have a few more outbreaks before it was over, which he did. Here are a few pic's of one of the last outbreaks. The one of him in the tub is a picture of his fat lip. He woke up with a fat lip from one of the "rash blisters" inside his lip :( Poor thing!

This ones a Doozy :)

Poor lip!

You wouldn't even know minutes before this picture was taken he was scratching his whole body and totally miserable with "itchy" as he would say!! He's such a wonderful boy! I love him sooooooo much!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trevor's Graduation AND Tanner's 3 trips to the ER!!

My pic's always load wrong, so here are a few of them, in the wrong order!! This is Tanner leaving the ER today! He was such a trooper!

Tanner after all started calming down :)

A much needed Nap!

This creeped me out!!! I was really worried! And he was miserable!!

His poor little face!!! This actually looks good compared to what it looked like a little after this picture!

Trevor and Bryce at Graduation!!!!

Man---it's been a looooong time since I posted anything! Well, on May 21st Trevor graduated preschool! It was his second year of preschool and he absolutely loved it! His friend Bryce was in his class, and he had so much fun having him there! Trevor's really going to miss having Bryce in his class next year, and he is going to miss Miss Kerry too! She did such a wonderful job! Trevor loves her!! He is looking forward to next year too, though. I can't believe that Trevor's going to be in Kindergarten next year!!!!

Then on Saturday May 23rd we went to the park and celebrated my nephew Cooper's 1st birthday! The boys had so much fun playing with water balloons and playing on the slides!! It was really nice seeing everyone!

So, when the birthday party was over we started heading home. We got there, and we were all cooled off except Tanner. I thought it was a little weird, but I thought maybe he just got hotter than I thought, and that he needed more water. He did drink a lot of gatorade while we were there...but, anyway.....2 hours after we got home, he was still really hot and flushed, so I took his temp and it was 103.7 degrees! So, I got him undressed, gave him motrin, and rocked him to sleep. The next morning, I woke up to him crying, and throwing up! FUN!! Plus he was burning up! We gave him a cool bath, tried to give him medicine, which he immediately threw up, and I got nervous with how high his fever was. Plus, I was worried we were having a repeat of the illness he had a while back which caused him to be hospitalized for a few days. SO.....I decided to take him to urgent care. As I pulled up, the nurses were all outside, and one walked up to me and said "Hi, how are you? Don't get out of you truck, we're not seeing anyone today because we just got ROBBED." WHAT???? That's pretty sad that someone would do that seriously!! So, anyway, she said I should take him the ER....SO, I did. They checked him, and found an ear infection....gave him an antibiotic and motrin, watched him, and sent us on our way. We got home, and Tanner immediately threw up the antibiotic when I gave it to him. I tasted it and didn't blame him! I called the pharmacist to ask if they could flavor it, they could so I took it back.......long story short.......There was NO way I was going to get him to keep it down. Tanner's allergic to Ammoxicillan, so I asked the Pharmacist to call the Dr. to prescribe something else. He did, and i went and picked it up. When I attempted to give that dose to Tanner at 9 Sunday night, he threw it up before hardly any of it even made it down!!! So....I gave him more motrin because his fever was almost 104 degrees again! He immediately fell asleep. I figured I'd get ahold of his Dr. in the morning-if I could-with it being a holiday----wonderful!

So then, when he woke up at 6 on Monday morning, I was giving him more motrin and Tylenol when I noticed a rash around his mouth and on his feet. I didn't have a clue why he had it, but I was worried because it was really bothering him. His feet started swelling really bad, and I decided to take him back to the ER because they said to bring him back if anything changed or got worse. So, I took him in and he had had an allergic reaction to either the antibiotic or tylenol! So, they gave him benadryl, watched him for a while, and sent us home. His rash had cleared up a little....but later Monday night it flared up a little bit. I figured I wait and see how he did through the night.......around 2 AM today he woke up for more benadryl and all, and he was burning up and very lithargic! His temp was over 104!!!! I was able to get it down a little and he fell back to sleep, but woke up at 4:45 with the worst rash I'd ever seen! It was covering his legs, arms, and face. It looked a lot different than the rash from the day before!!! Tanner was absolutely MISERABLE!! He was crying and saying "MOM, PLEASE,MOM!" OOH I felt soooo bad!!! I got ready really fast, and got everything ready, yet again, to go to the ER because they said he may need a steroid shot.....Thankfully Grandpa Ren was able to watch Trevor, because Landon had a lot of work today, and Jeriann was kind enough to go with me to help :) We got there and they got him right in. They immediately got him motrin and benadryl as soon as the Dr. saw Tanner. I was really worried he was going to have a seizure!! SOOOOO, a really LOOOONG story short........the Dr.'s were right the day before, although I of coarse started thinking of all the worst possible diseases he must have!!! They aren't sure if it was the medicine, which they are leaning toward, OR because of a viral infection/Ear infection + his high temp causing the rash?????? They gave him fluids through an IV, a steroid to help, and an antibiotic-with hopes he wouldn't have a reaction to it. Even after the 1st dose of benadryl, he had another out brake of the rash, which got so bad that his right eye was almost swollen shut!! I wish I would have gotten a picture of that---it was crazy!!!!

I want to say, with everything that Tanner went through....he is absolutely AMAZING! The whole time, even after being poked in all different places, and feeling as bad and sick as he felt, he still smiled at the nurses and Dr., thanked every one of them when they were done doing what they needed to do, and then said "goodbye" to everyone of them as they left. He is the sweetest and most polite little boy! I just love him so much!!! Our family is so blessed to have him in our family. I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for both my sweet little boys!

After being there all day, we were finally able to come home, and I am PRAYING that I will wake up in the morning-after a good night sleep! to a Happy little boy saying "Good Morning" with a huge grin on his face,in his little high pitched voice like he always says!! He's such a happy little boy in the morning. He has a follow up appt. with his pediatrician tomorrow....hopefully all will go well! I'm very grateful through all of this, our family was so sweet calling to check up on him, I'm thankful Grandpa Ren could take Trevor to work with him and I'm grateful Grandma Jeriann could go with me and Tanner. :) Trevor was so worried about Tanner all day, and it was so sweet to see him so happy to see Tanner, and he was so grateful that he was ok. I love my family!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Pictures

The Most Important boys in my life..... The whole them all sooo much!!!

Grandma, Grandpa, Trevor and Tanner

All of us again.....this was fun!!!!

My sweet boys...Trevor and Tanner



The Fam.....

We had family pictures with Landon's family this month...We had a good time...especially when Jeriann pulled out the "teeth" :) Tara Bowman did such a WONDERFUL job!!! Thank you again Tara! They turned out perfect!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I HATE FOOD and Food Allergies!!!!!

Ok, seriously...I don't hate food but I hate that Tanner can't eat ANYTHING! He just had another Dr. appt. at his GastroInterologist to review his tests done at his Allergists, and we now know he cannot eat the following: #1. MILK, which is in a lot of foods and things you wouldn't even think it's in like his toothpaste!! we already knew he couldn't have this,the next list had #2. EGGS, which again is in a lot of things! #3. CHICKEN, yes I said CHICKEN--no more chicken nuggets which he loves..I didn't even know people could be allergic to that??? #4. WHITE POTATOES---no more french fries which he also loves, potato bread,buns,etc.!, #5. CARROTS.....AND now he can't eat the one thing our family practically lives off of...#6...BEANS!!!!!???? I am soooo frustrated!!!! Beans has Legumes?? in it which is the same thing in peanuts, and when he eats them his face breaks out and he gets diahrhea. SOOOO, I'm adding that to our LONG list of foods he can't eat! Luckily, none of his food allergies will cause him to swell up and stop breathing, but All of these foods stimulate his AutoImmune System, causing sores and bleeding on his asophagus and his intestines, causing him to have really bad diahrhea and causes him to feel sick!!! Plus, if he doesn't take his Prevacid, which they upped to 30mg a day, AND completely avoid these foods for who knows how long....possibly his whole life, he could have lots of problems internally down the road. Poor little guy........I just love him so much.....and this is just one more thing to make life a little bit more difficult than it already is. :(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is how I found him....

Ok, seriously.....Trevor got into to things a little....but I seriously can't take my eyes off Tanner for ONE SECOND, or accidently leave ONE door open, one cabinet unlocked, One trash can exposed, a single pair of shoes out----ANY SLIP UP-----ends like this~within a split second!!! He's such a stinker! I love him so much........whew, he's a handfull though--as much as I have to chase him around EVERYWHERE we go, I should weigh 100 pounds!!! :) I wish my camera would have taken a better picture, but I just took it really quick, hoping he wouldn't think what he did was really funny and ok....even though once I got over how gross it is, and thankful he didn't go in head first, it was a little funny :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Need a Plumber?!!

As all of you know, my husband Landon is a plumber! :) I created a blog, more of a "website" to advertise for him. He is very great at what he does!!! He has been a service plumber for 9 years. If any of you need plumbing work, or know someone who needs a plumber-----Landon will fix or replace whatever needs fixed or replaced, and HE WILL SAVE YOU A TON OF MONEY!!!

Landon's cell # is 480-330-5612

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