Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I HATE FOOD and Food Allergies!!!!!

Ok, seriously...I don't hate food but I hate that Tanner can't eat ANYTHING! He just had another Dr. appt. at his GastroInterologist to review his tests done at his Allergists, and we now know he cannot eat the following: #1. MILK, which is in a lot of foods and things you wouldn't even think it's in like his toothpaste!! we already knew he couldn't have this,the next list had #2. EGGS, which again is in a lot of things! #3. CHICKEN, yes I said CHICKEN--no more chicken nuggets which he loves..I didn't even know people could be allergic to that??? #4. WHITE POTATOES---no more french fries which he also loves, potato bread,buns,etc.!, #5. CARROTS.....AND now he can't eat the one thing our family practically lives off of...#6...BEANS!!!!!???? I am soooo frustrated!!!! Beans has Legumes?? in it which is the same thing in peanuts, and when he eats them his face breaks out and he gets diahrhea. SOOOO, I'm adding that to our LONG list of foods he can't eat! Luckily, none of his food allergies will cause him to swell up and stop breathing, but All of these foods stimulate his AutoImmune System, causing sores and bleeding on his asophagus and his intestines, causing him to have really bad diahrhea and causes him to feel sick!!! Plus, if he doesn't take his Prevacid, which they upped to 30mg a day, AND completely avoid these foods for who knows how long....possibly his whole life, he could have lots of problems internally down the road. Poor little guy........I just love him so much.....and this is just one more thing to make life a little bit more difficult than it already is. :(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is how I found him....

Ok, seriously.....Trevor got into to things a little....but I seriously can't take my eyes off Tanner for ONE SECOND, or accidently leave ONE door open, one cabinet unlocked, One trash can exposed, a single pair of shoes out----ANY SLIP UP-----ends like this~within a split second!!! He's such a stinker! I love him so much........whew, he's a handfull though--as much as I have to chase him around EVERYWHERE we go, I should weigh 100 pounds!!! :) I wish my camera would have taken a better picture, but I just took it really quick, hoping he wouldn't think what he did was really funny and ok....even though once I got over how gross it is, and thankful he didn't go in head first, it was a little funny :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Need a Plumber?!!

As all of you know, my husband Landon is a plumber! :) I created a blog, more of a "website" to advertise for him. He is very great at what he does!!! He has been a service plumber for 9 years. If any of you need plumbing work, or know someone who needs a plumber-----Landon will fix or replace whatever needs fixed or replaced, and HE WILL SAVE YOU A TON OF MONEY!!!

Landon's cell # is 480-330-5612
email: keeling78@yahoo.com

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