Friday, January 16, 2009

Need a Plumber?!!

As all of you know, my husband Landon is a plumber! :) I created a blog, more of a "website" to advertise for him. He is very great at what he does!!! He has been a service plumber for 9 years. If any of you need plumbing work, or know someone who needs a plumber-----Landon will fix or replace whatever needs fixed or replaced, and HE WILL SAVE YOU A TON OF MONEY!!!

Landon's cell # is 480-330-5612


Tanner and Shasta said...

Hey sweetie! I've been wanting to ask you if you would like to join a bunco group. We just started and we only have 11 girls. It's so much fun! it's me, jen whimpey, janae, tara hatch, jill patch, katie strickland and a couple others that I just met. We do it the second Friday of the month (but the next two months will be on the third Friday)and it is $10. We really want you to come so let me know!

Heidi Keeling said...

Hi guys! First of all, I want to let all the readers know that we know from experience what a great plumber Landon is - he has helped us a ton!
Savannah, I am so excited that you're going to try the running group - I really think you'll love it. FYI: Almost everyone who is interested is NOT a runner (yet!) so DON'T feel overwhelmed. I really think we'll all find the people we're best paced with, and that we'll motivate eachother. Thanks for responding - it'll be so fun to see eachother so often!

Heidi Keeling said...

Hi again! let me try to answer your questions:

Yes, this Monday is the 6 mile run - but I think my friend Gena and I are the only ones who will actually run 6, everyone else is pretty much a beginner and will be doing whatever they can. We'll increase the mileage by one mile every week, up until about 20 miles right before the marathon. There's also a half-marathon and a 5K race, so I'm trying to encourage others to pick a race to train together for.
About the clothes, I buy mine on the clearance rack at Target, they are much cheaper! Mostly your sports bra and shirts are the important things that will make a differnce if they are dry-active. PLEASE call me if you have questions - don't hesitate, I don't want you to feel "iffy" about stuff! I'm excited, thanks for being so supportive!

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