Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy OLD BAT!!!!

2 Days ago I was stopped at a red light waiting to make a left hand turn. I was talking to little Trev and all of a sudden the truck jerked forward???? For a minute I thought I let my foot off the break, and then I looked in my side mirror and realized the car behind me hit me! The old lady was behind me and decided to get out of the right left turning lane and get into the left left turning lane. I got out and walked over to her and said "You just hit me" and I motioned for her to pull over once we went through the light. She seemed clueless and confused!! Anyway, she pulled in, and I had called Landon and he said to go ahead and call the cops----I've never been in any kind of accident so I had no clue what to do???? So, I did. While we were waiting, it was really hot outside, and I felt bad for the "sweet little old lady". I even apologized to her for her having to wait outside for the cop to get there!!!! I APOLOGIZED TO HER!!! She HIT ME!! And NOT ONCE did she apologize to me!!!! The lady kept saying "there isn't hardly any damage to your fender"....which there wasn't a whole lot, but the crome was scratched because of her neglagence. SOOOOOOO, to make a long story short......the cop got there and the little old lady kept trying to get out of it......but admitted she bumped into me. We exchanged insurance info and after she annoyed the cop to NO end, we went our seperate ways. The next day Landon got a call from our insurance agent saying that this CRAZY-CONIVING OLD BAT said I hit her!!!!!!! Are you kidding!!!!! If I hit her, I would admit it!! I couldn't believe her!!!! Thankfully, both insurance companies saw through her....her giving our insurance company a false name being one red flag...Soooooo, we'll get the money to fix it and she gets NOTHING!! HAHAHA!!!!!


Sarah said...

geez, people are nuts! Glad to hear you're not getting screwed over though! =]

Carl and Amber said...

It's a good thing that you called the cops! That would ensure that the old bat wouldn't have gotten away with it. So, did she try to tell the insurance company that you had been backing up at the intersection or something crazy like that?!

Jeriann said...

You told that story very well! Crazy Old Bat! haha

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