Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The final conclusion is......

Well, we had Tanner's follow up appt. with his pediatrician and he says that it was actually a virus that caused the really high fevers and the rash......Crazy! It's nice to know he's not allergic to all those antibiotics, though! He told us Tanner would have a few more outbreaks before it was over, which he did. Here are a few pic's of one of the last outbreaks. The one of him in the tub is a picture of his fat lip. He woke up with a fat lip from one of the "rash blisters" inside his lip :( Poor thing!

This ones a Doozy :)

Poor lip!

You wouldn't even know minutes before this picture was taken he was scratching his whole body and totally miserable with "itchy" as he would say!! He's such a wonderful boy! I love him sooooooo much!

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Tayler and Eric Richardson said...

aww poor tanner. im glad he is doing better now though!!! see you guys next week!!

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