Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our WONDERFUL NEWS and our Summer 2009

Wonderful News #1: We're expecting #3!!!! Everyone has their bet on a girl this time....we'll see?? :)

Wonderful News #2: To make a REALLY long story short, Tanners Allergist had it in their computer that he has something called EE (Eocinifilicesophigitis). So, all the foods that he was tested positive with an allergy to was a HUGE deal.......but, finding out a YEAR later that he doesn't have EE, all his "allergies" weren't such a big deal!!! So, he is now eating and drinking milk, egg, chicken, etc.!!!!! We couldn't be happier! He's doing really well, he's starting to eat more, which was really hard at first being used to drinking everything....but he's getting there! We actually ENJOY food again!!! YAY!!!! This is such a huge blessing, and an answer to my prayers. My heart truly goes out to all those mothers who don't get such wonderful news....having a child with allergies like that is soooooo difficult because food is such a huge part of everyday.....breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner.......I truly thank my Heavenly Father for this.

These are just 2 of the wonderful things this summer so far :) We've also had quite a few other fun things going on in no particular order.....

**Trevor at a Cars drawing :) He got picked out of our group and picked 5 new cars Grandpa Rory needed :) He had fun doing this, and it was fun watching him :)

**Landon helped build a chicken coupe at his parents house......He and Ren literally spent from about 7AM until 9 that night, and got almost completely done, but after 112 degree weather all day, they were DONE! The boys played in the sprinkler on the trampoline and had a ton of fun, Grandma Jer helped the guys and got to play with us a little too :) I need to get some pictures from Jeriann, It turned out soooooo nice!!!! (and that's even before it was painted and the roof was completed.....I can't wait to see that!)

**Trevor had sleepovers at both sets of grandparents. He LOVES sleeping over! He won't really sleep over at anyone elses house, but grandma's and grandpa's is "ok". They played War, his new favorite game, told stories, and had tons of fun! I love that he loves our parents soooo much!

**Trevor had his 1st 2 cavities filled!!!! Ya-cavities! I couldn't believe he had them! We brush his teeth 2X a day!!! I've probably only missed brushing his teeth before bed litterally 3 times his whole life----if that!! I can't go to sleep if I know I didn't brush his teeth....I know that sounds a little weird, but it's true. So, we were suprized to find out he had them, but he did so good! After he got his shots, he had to ask the nurse if they gave him his shots yet.....the sleepy meds worked great :)

**We celebrated Tanner's 2nd Birthday in May. He had such a fun time at Peter Piper Pizza!! I can't believe he's 2 already!!! He's such a special, sweet and loving little boy. I'm so grateful he's in our family!!!
**We had some swimming days at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The boys LOVE swimming!
**Landon and I went to parent orientation at his school, and met the principal and all. We are so excited for him to start school, he's gonna love it!! :)
**We also have another addition to the Keeling family....we bought a quad this last week. :) We're really excited because the boys are going to LOVE riding it at the Goodman Reunion---which we can't wait for!!! We're soooo looking forward to camping, and having fun!! And we're all excited to spend it with Grandpa Ren this year, after he missed it last year due to a gall bladder removal!! NO midnight drive into town on our 1st night camping this year grandpa!!!
We've had a pretty good, relaxing summer :) Not too much going on, just spending time with the fam and loving every minute of it!

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